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Mia Mae the Meower

       Mia Mae happily follows Big Daddy Jim down the path to the Great Mississippi River. It was to be a day of rafting and fishing. Always observant, taking in the beauty of nature, Mia Mae spots a small kitty. Scooping up this newfound friend, Mia Mae names her Dory. Placing Dory gently in her apron pocket, the adventure begins.
       Encountering Cougars, Canadian Lynx, and Bobcats, Mia Mae uses her clever thinking, and long hair braid to protect Dory and herself. She will put into practice the important survival skills taught to her by Big Daddy Jim  and Mama.
       Set in the 1800s, this Tall Tale will have you sitting at the edge of your wooden rocking chair. Hopefully, this story will help you realize the importance of the people in your life who love you. Deep inside your heart, you will see how they have inspired you to be caring, confident, and strong. Click on Mia's photo to watch a trailer of the book!

Mia Mae with Bobcat
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